Aging and hearing loss go hand in hand. Statistically, the earlier you start to notice a decline in your hearing, the sooner it will happen. As we age, the cells that produce your ear’s hair and outer ear become less diverse. As a result, it begins to take a lot more effort to hear things. This is why so many seniors find themselves in the emergency room with a sudden hearing loss due to an ear infection.

Fortunately, there are some ways that can help you prevent total hearing loss as you grow older. However, keep in mind that prevention is still better than cure. Hence, the earlier you can do these steps, the more you avoid hearing problems.

Avoid Exposure To Harmful Noises

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules regarding noise exposure. A few hours of white noise can help with sleep, for example, while some elderly people may find that loud noises make them uncomfortable. But some sounds can be downright harmful to older ears.

If you are already old, it is wise that you protect your hearing from loud noises. You should put the volume down of various sound sources such as your television, radio, or entertainment set. You should also be extra careful when using personal listening devices such as earphones. If you are using headphones, make sure that you don’t crank the volume more than 50% of its maximum capacity. 

Also, keep in mind that there are a number of activities that are harmful to your ears. Examples of these activities are the use of power tools and riding on jet skis. When you are engaged in these things, make sure that your ears have protection. Prolonged exposure to them will seriously cause hearing complications. As much as possible, you need to wear plastic or rubber earplugs if you are currently working with loud noises. 

Practice Ear Hygiene

It is important that you practice hygiene to your ears regularly. This means that you have to clean them from time to time to ensure they are healthy. 

When cleaning your ears, it is essential that you should not use a cotton swab to clear the accumulation of earwax. If you deem that it is earwax that has been causing your ear problems,  then it is vital that you consult a physician first. They will be the ones that can give you the best method on how to remove the earwax without damaging the internal parts of your ear. 

The nose and ears are connected. Hence, it is essential that when blowing your nose, you should do it gently. At the same time, use both your nostrils and not just one. Whenever you are traveling on air, yawn and swallow from time to time. In this way, you can protect them from the changes in air pressure. If you are experiencing flu, cold, or other respiratory illnesses, you should take decongestants before your plane lands. Nasal sprays are excellent alternatives, too.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Healthier people are less susceptible to hearing loss. The more fit your body is, the more impervious you are to sicknesses. That’s something that we all know already. When it comes to hearing, you have to watch out for specific health conditions. Problems like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other illnesses in the circulatory system can result in hearing loss. 

Always remember that the inner regions of your ears are extremely sensitive. Problems in the circulatory system can easily affect them. Furthermore, multiple studies suggest that hearing problems are often frequent in people who smoke. 

Be Wary About The Medicines You Take

There are some medications that can compromise your hearing. A classic example is when you take aspirin in large doses. Doing the latter will induce hearing impairments, although they are only temporary. Furthermore, particular types of diuretics can also cause hearing problems.

Also, it has to be taken into account that hearing loss can be hereditary. Therefore, it would be best if you check your family to see if there is anyone of you who experienced hearing problems. 

If you think that you are having problems with your hearing, you should hesitate to see a doctor. Further damages are irreversible, so the best thing that you can do is to ensure that you can mitigate the early symptoms of hearing loss. Professional help can ensure that you can preserve the health of your ears. 

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