The 3 Top Providers For Funeral Insurance in 2019

How to get funeral insurance may not be the most pleasant topic to think about. But if you are thinking about it now, then you really deserve a pat on the back! You are doing something that is not easy to do. But it is very important, as funeral expenses can quickly rise to an average of $10,000 – and can get even higher than that. Because far from just making sure of the burial, funerals also include a headstone and the full service surrounding it all.

Nothing like having insurance to put your mind at ease. And most importantly, making sure that your loved ones can rest easy, too, knowing they will not have to face such a massive expense any time soon. So, to make sure you know how to get funeral insurance, take a peek at this list of the 3 top providers for funeral insurance in 2019.

1. The lowest rates: Globe Life Final Expense Insurance.
If you are thinking about how to get funeral insurance now, then chances are many of the insurers will already offer you quite high rates to get started. As with most insurance plans, the older you are the more you will have to pay in premiums to get funeral insurance coverage. But this is where Global Life Final Expense Insurance comes in: Oftentimes, you can get your first month of coverage for as little as $1! Then, things ramp up a bit, but in your second month, it can still be as low as $3.49.

Of course, premiums will vary depending on how high you want the coverage for the funeral insurance to be. But the point is, if you get funeral insurance here you will get some of the most competitive rates on the market. And what is more, there is no waiting period until the policy becomes active, and the funeral insurance also does not require you to get a medical examination first. If you get this funeral insurance, they also offer a no-risk money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service. If you are satisfied, it is super easy to extend the funeral insurance to include your spouse as well.

2. The smallest funerals: Mutual of Omaha.
Okay, one thing to know about how to get funeral insurance is that there is a very large range of expenses you can pay for funerals. So, while funerals could easily cost $50,000 if you just want a smaller kind of funeral then having coverage for $2,000 to $5,000 may already be enough. Not only will this mean that your premiums for the funeral insurance are lower, but the funeral itself will also set you back by a lot less money, even if it takes place within the two-year waiting period.

Funerals within the two-year waiting period after signing the policy will only pay out the premiums you have paid in until that point, plus 10 percent. After the two years, the funeral insurance you get will pay out whatever coverage you agreed on when signing it.

3. The highest protection: AIG Direct Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance.
It is a great idea to get funeral insurance, but what if you would like to rest as easily as possible, even before the funeral comes to pass? This is where it will make sense to get funeral insurance from AIG Direct. Of course, they do all the stuff other funeral insurance companies do, like taking care of burial or funeral expenses. With this one, however, even chronic or terminal illnesses are covered by the funeral insurance.

If something happens that makes you chronically ill to the extent where you are no longer able to live your life in the same way as before, then if you went to get this funeral insurance, the policy will pay back all your paid premiums up to 25 percent of the policy’s face value. In case of a terminal illness, you can even access up to 50 percent of the value your funeral insurance has, which will help you pay for the medical care you need. While they will charge you an administrative fee, this is how to get funeral insurance that does more than just make sure the burial goes without problems.

With these 3 top providers for funeral insurance in 2019, you will be perfectly equipped to plan for any development that you are worried about. Only care about low premiums? Number 1 will be worth considering. Just want to plan for a small event? Number 2 may be for you. Prefer to have care that covers all final expenses beyond just the funeral? Check out number 3. It is good that you think about how to get funeral insurance now so that you and your loved ones will not have to worry about it in the future.

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