7 Best Activities to Do With the Grandkids

Activities to do with the grandkids are the best thing to create an awesome relationship. Especially today, when many kids seem to just do stuff on their gadgets all day, it can be super rewarding and fun to get them to do something else for a change. If you are looking for some great ideas for activities, you have come to the right place. This list of the 7 best activities to do with your grandkids will have you win all favorite grandma or grandpa awards in no time.

  1. Sell lemonade.
    When you do activities with the grandkids, who says it cannot be fun and teach them something about life at the same time? Nothing better to enjoy an activity where you need to work together to create a successful small business. Not only will you be spending some quality time together with the grandkids, but you will also teach them some valuable lessons as well. Who knows, maybe you will sow the seeds of turning them into successful business leaders in the future!
  2. Go hiking.
    The best activity to get the grandkids away from their phones for a second is to show them something new and exciting. And what could be better for that than an amazing trip into the wild? Spice things up by taking a close look at all the bugs and birds, trees and flowers you see. For bonus points, bring a pair of binoculars for your grandkids to use. Chances are this activity will be the first time the grandkids get out of the city in a long while and when you do it right, you even get to show off some of your knowledge, too!
  3. Paint stuff.
    Okay, maybe the grandkids would rather not go out today. No problem, there are plenty of activities to do in your house, as well. One of the most fun things to do is to just paint stuff. Grab some colors, a canvas, make sure to get your furniture out of the way and just let creativity do the rest. Maybe the grandkids just want to splash colors around, but you could also draw portraits, try to guess what everyone is painting or see who can draw the best medieval castle. There is no limit to the activities to do and the grandkids will love it!
  4. Tour places.
    No matter where you live, there are bound to be some places the grandkids have never seen yet. For example, few activities can be more fun to do with the grandkids than to check out the local fire station and give everyone the chance to climb on a real fire truck. Another great activity you can do that the grandkids will love is to go and take a look at the police station, chat with some real police officers and get to sit in a police car.
  5. Collect things.
    Wherever you are, there is always a way to do this activity with the grandkids. Are you out in nature? Try to collect matching stones or different flowers. Are you at home? See who can find the most pens or photographs. Even if you are waiting in line, and you are desperately looking for activities to do with the grandkids while things barely seem to be moving at all, collecting things can keep the grandkids busy while you stay at your place in the line!
  6. Tell stories.
    This is another great activity to do when you have a bit of time to kill. If the grandkids are not in the mood for stories from the past, just make up a new one! A fun way to do this is if you just start with a random sentence, then have your grandkids add another one, and then just keep going back and forth until you have created a whacky story together. This activity is especially great in long car rides when everyone is bored out of their minds and starts getting dangerously cranky.
  7. Cook food.
    Cooking is a super fun activity to do and if you do it with the grandkids, you will teach them a valuable skill while you are at it. Just pick a random thing from a cookbook and get cracking – who says it has to be complicated? Making pasta, baking cookies or just getting some toast for peanut butter and jelly sandwich will make your grandkids happy. And the best thing is after you are done with the activity, the grandkids and you will have something to eat as well. It is a win-win!

So there you go! The 7 best activities to do with the grandkids. No matter where you are, you are sure to find something fun to do and create great memories with your grandkids that will last for a lifetime.

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